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Hockey Pitch

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Hockey Pitch MaintenanceHockey Pitch Maintenance (Sand Filled)

Excessive water lying on the surface of a synthetic grass tennis court or hockey pitch could be an indication that all is not well with the infill which may have become blocked with contamination. However this may not be the end, and in most cases replacement is not necessary.

We provide a cost effective solution to breathe new life into the surface - the contaminated infill and debris are removed, the fibres cleaned and the infill replaced with new, restoring the drainage and playability. Regular maintenance is a must.

Hockey Pitch Maintenance (Water Based)

Deep cleaning of a water based hockey pitch needs to be undertaken at regular intervals during the life of the surface to prevent build-up of contamination, which if left untreated will manifest itself as dirty tide marks left behind on the surface after flooding with the rain guns, or after heavy rain. Deep cleaning will also break up algae growth deep down in the carpet and remove it from the surface.

We at Sports Ground Specialists use the Horger SKR front mounted head and rear mounted tank / pump unit. The head encapsulates a full width set of high pressure water nozzles and a variable depth rotary brush, the combination of which lifts the contamination from within the carpet and deposits it into the front receptor from where it is pumped into the rear holding tank.

Sludge removed from within the surface by the head unit is pumped into the rear mounted tank / pump unit, where it is held until disposal.

Disposal is carried out into a suitable drainage area and the clean water tank replenished ready for the next pass.

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