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Athletics Track

Athletics Track Maintenance

Running tracks, such as polymeric, wet pour rubber and asphalt, are subject to all the contamination that other outdoor surfaces suffer from and as such need attention on a regular basis to maintain its top quality. Sports Ground Specialists use the purpose built Horger KBR machine to clean running tracks and Polymeric pitch's and return them to use as quickly as possible.

The Horger KBR head drives water at high pressure into the track to break up the contamination and holds it in a suspension in the water. This gets pumped into the rear tank which holds the clean water and has a section for collection of the contaminated waste which is disposed of at the re-fill point. The front head unit not only cleans the surface but also vacuums up the sludge which has been removed from the surface and pumps it into the rear tank in one continuous process. At the end of the process you have a cleaner and safer surface with better grip and drainage.

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